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As we approach the New Year, it seems fitting to start afresh and take this opportunity to renew yourself.

But before you start forming those New Year’s resolutions, take a minute and consider what 2013 was like for you.

Did you achieve the goals you set yourself earlier in the year? A promotion. A more spacious home. To spend more time pursuing your true passions.

Do you even remember the goals you set?

The sad truth is this. We have all made ambitious life goals, but many of us tend to lose sight of those goals – especially when you’re constantly receiving negative messages from the media and the news.

That’s when you end up getting stuck in a rut. Always just trying to get by and never getting ahead.

But you can break away from this cycle and attract ALL the experiences you desire and deserve…

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It’s from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of personal growth publisher company MindValley. He and his team are currently in the midst of organizing a powerful online class with leading Energy Healer, Christie Marie Sheldon.

We want you to really start attracting the wealth and abundance you deserve in 2014.

But here’s the catch. It’s no good to you if this free online class doesn’t address your most pressing needs and concerns. So they’ve developed a simple survey that you can fill out. This will allow them to create the class tailor-made for you.

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