Light btw handsAs I woke up today by the gorgeous rays of sunlight shining through the curtains in Helsinki, it reminded me of home. Born in the Netherlands and raised in the Caribbean I used to always wake up to a gorgeous hot sunny day and never appreciated it, until I moved to Finland. I have learned to appreciate so many things I used to take for granted.

As I sit down and reminisce on how an amazing journey started once I moved back to the Netherlands and later on to Finland. A journey of personal development and a huge mindset shift. The Caribbean is a beautiful area but unfortunately there is a mayor poverty mindset strongly present and personal development is not very well-known. Don’t get me wrong, people are very well-educated but personal development is a totally different thing.

It was something that was known to me but I had no idea what a huge role this would play in my future. And what a huge transformation this would cause in my life, not only in my career, finances but mostly in my relationships and my own character.

I had a pretty rough childhood to say the least, structure and a safe place was not in my parents vocabulary. Screaming and beatings was more the normal daily situation. In short I was groomed to fail in life with the pallet of skills I received from home. As I started to mature I realized I had pretty poor relationships with people and did not know how to communicate with them. The message I intended to share with them frequently came out totally wrong. I just didn’t understand people at all or myself for that matter.

One day one of my good friends introduced me to a business model that seemed to be super simple. Being the opportunity grabber and risk-taker I was, I jumped in with both hands and feet. As I started building that business I realize I has no skill whatsoever to build a business. I felt like a fish trying to swim but drowning more and more every minute. Very soon I realized I needed to find someone who could coach and guide me. Someone who already had been where I was at and someone who knew how to get to the next level.

Earlier during my entrepreneurial journey a fellow business colleague gave me a cd and said listen to this it will help you. My initial reaction was I don’t have time for that, I need to build my business and not listen to audios. Looking back I can’t believe I said this, however I decided to listen. That was a life-changing moment for me, as I started listening I was captivated in the first 30 seconds. The trainer on those audios was SO REAL, and sounded like a regular person that used some simple strategies and became successful. I thought to myself if she can do it so can I.

Since then I have continued on to attend her live events and learn 1 on 1 from her. She grew up on welfare, pregnant at 17, homeless at 21 and millionaire by 23. She has simplified her multi-million dollar expert business, money and relationship secrets into easy-to-follow methods helping tens of thousands worldwide achieve remarkable results. Today she’s a best-selling author, international speaker before sold-out crowds and syndicated TV and radio show host. She has done 100s of broadcast and print interviews such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and, along with her husband, starred in the season premiere of ABC’s Secret Millionaire. As the owner of seven companies, wife, mother of five, grandmother of five, author, speaker, and syndicated TV and radio host, together with her family they have a deep passion for taking care of thousands of orphans, widows, and the sick all over the world while globally mobilizing others to do the same.

As she has casted her vision of building a community that cares about each other, learning more on building long-lasting relationships, getting ahead in their careers, managing their time with certain strategies which ends up in more family/fun time and growing financially, I was sold. Since then I have gotten promoted twice at my fulltime workplace and receive 2 raises as well as paid off 26.500 euros of debt. I now understand people and know how to communicate with them. But more so I have learned why situations go certain ways sometimes and how to deal with different kinds of people. The money is awesome and so are the relationships but the best part for me personally is the understanding and wisdom I have gained throughout the mentorship.

In the beginning I was quite skeptical when I heard about her but as I have been a client for 5 years, been to countless events, volunteered at events and went to Belize with a group of clients in 2012 to bring Christmas to orphan kids I have learned she is the real deal. There is nobody in this industry whose clients have the stories her clients have, and especially not in the timeframe her clients have them.

Stories such as:

“I was $20,000 in debt and relocated my wife and newborn across state. My wife had left her full time job, and I had been working part time, going nowhere pretty darn fast. After attending First Steps to Success, I stared using War on Debt and my family and I have paid off $8,500 in one month! We are currently hosting War on Debt classes in our community and have paid off $17,500 in three months as a group. I was able to apply Gems to my job which was training horses; to figure out their personalities and their needs. Whether it was working with a rescue horse or an owner that did not understand their horse, Gems made it possible to see results faster and better. Now my wife is a stay at home mom taking care of our beautiful daughter. If you are looking to be an influence in your community and see families change and grow then get to the next event!” 

~ Jose Flores, May 2013

“I was a prisoner to debt and stuck in a dead-end job. I was miserable and felt totally hopeless. Using what I’ve learned from Dani, I have received three promotions in upper level management at the bank I work for and a 15% raise! I have also received two unexpected bonuses! After applying War on Debt my family has paid off $75,000 in six years and we have new goals of saving and investing our money. Our son Brandon was desperate and depressed. Once we started using Grooming the Next Generation for Success and changed some things in our household, he immediately started to improve. Now he is a healthy, happy, honorable teenager who just bought his first road bike with $1500 cash that he earned while working at his parent’s deli! If you are looking to make more money, increase your influence, all while helping people and having fun, then you have to get yourself to the next event!”

~ Bethany McKinney, May 2013

“With the information I used from Job Domination my hours went from 3 per week to 20, into a position that didn’t previously exist and my hourly pay nearly doubled. I now love my boss. The freedom and confidence I’ve gained has blessed my marriage, my home-based business, my whole life. I simply love what I am doing!”

~ Martha Anderson, April 2013


Now these are just a couple of results out of the 10.000’s on her website. Now you might be wondering, why is she telling me all this? Hang on, I am getting there!

After many negotiations back and forth we have finally been able to have Mrs Dani Johnson come to Finland, YES FINLAND. How crazy is that? That a multimillionaire Business, Finance and Relationship expert would fly to our city to equip us with her strategies.

We will have her with us for an Intensive Bootcamp called:




During this Bootcamp she will teach how she went from 0 to millions and her secret strategies on building relationships, progressing in your career as well as different mindsets needed for these shifts. Also she will unveil her strategies on how to motivate and communicate with different kinds of personalities. There are so many things she will share which I am not able to reveal just yet.

Dani is known to give it her all and NEVER hold back, she will be sharing some insane nuggets that she probably will never share again. This event will not be recorded or distributed outside of the event date. It will only be available to the select few that will be there at the Bootcamp. Change your plans, do whatever it takes to get there!!!

We do have some BAD NEWS……due to the high demand for the tickets most of you will not be able to get a ticket, the event is almost sold out. We have reserved a few tickets for you but we will work on a first come first serve basis. Please don’t sit and think and wait and contemplate and ask your dog your bird and cat if you should come. Just make a decision and grab this chance that might not come along again.

Normally for a consulting hour with Mrs Johnson on the phone it costs about 850 euros per HOUR! For this 3 hour Bootcamp where she will be LIVE we aren’t even charging half of that, not even 10% of that. For details please follow the link below:

Register now before it sells out

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We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story coming out of this event.

To your success,



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