You seldom find a book that helps you gain insights. I just read a fascinating book Your Brain at Work by David Rock. The book discusses knowing your brain and working smarter all day long. David Rock knows how the brain works, and especially in a work setting.
I’m especially interested in things related to time management. Here are a few insights of the book:

  • The scientist Harold Pasher’s research shows that when people do two cognitive tasks at once, their cognitive capacity can drop from that of a Harvard MBA to that of an eight-year-old.
  • You can focus on only one conscious task at a time.
  • Switching between tasks uses energy; if you do this a lot you can make more mistakes.
  • If you do multiple conscious tasks at once you will experience a big drop-off in accuracy or performance.
  • Multitasking can be done easily if you are executing embedded routines.
  • Continuous distractions exhaust the brain.
  • Being “always on” (connected to others via technology) can drop your IQ significantly, as much as losing a night’s sleep.

You’ll also find lots of great tips related to collaborating with others, supervising and facilitating change.